Voice Dialogue Acting IN ENGLISH in Paris, workshop March 7, 8, 9 2018

Reserve the date !  3 days in Paris, France, to explore Voice Dialogue Acting technique, in English ! Registration is now open.  Actors will be selected on resume and skype interview.


Stop Acting ! Use The Voices in Your Head :

Discover, listen to, and explore the Voices in your Head with Voice Dialogue Acting. These Inner Characters have a life of their own, and they offer incredible potential for character work for actors. Voice Dialogue, developed by Hal and Sidra Stone, PhD., is an amazing tool to explore consciousness and the inner-voices of the psyche. These Inner Characters are energy bodies that vibrate within us and determine ‘who we are’ at any given time. Each Self has its own way of viewing the world, its own perceptions, its own beliefs and rules, and its own specific history. By dialoguing with our Inner-Selves we learn to balance between opposites, and connect with the energy of an Inner-Self, thereby connecting with the energy that can vehicle a character from a script. 


During this 3 day workshop, we will explore theses Inner Characters, their connection with universal Archetypes, and the process of going in and out of character with ease and balance. 


Voice Dialogue Acting is a fast, truthful, easy, surprising process, and will help you be in the moment, living the life of your character instead of acting. It will give you incredible stage and screen presence, and truth.


This workshop will be held in ENGLISH in PARIS, France. (French actors are welcome, if fluent in English (able to understand, speak, read and work in English)


Dates : March 7, 8, 9 2018 (Wednesday 7th, Thursday 8th, and Friday 9th)

Time : 10 am to 6 pm each day with a lunch break (bring your own lunch)

Tuition : 375€ if you register before February 1st. (early bird)

395€ after February 1st.


For more information contact me . To apply, please fill the application form below.

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Voice Dialogue Acting is holistic.

Voice Dialogue Acting is the current evolution of the method "Energize" 

presented in the book A BALANCING ACT, and developed by F. Emmanuelle Chaulet. 


Voice Dialogue Acting incorporates a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual approach and the training integrates mind, body, and spirit.

The basic concept of this work is to consider and train the actor holistically. The term "holistic" is derived from the Greek root, holos, meaning complete, or whole. A holistic approach to acting views the actor's instrument as not only comprised of the body (which engenders posture, gestures, movement, and voice), and the mind (which addresses the objectives, intentions, feelings and sensations), but also of the invisible energetic life force of the person, called prana by the Hindus, qi or chi by the Chinese, and referred to as spirit by the Occidentals.


Voice Dialogue is an approach that was introduced to me by late Mala Powers during the Michael Chekhov Institute at the University of Southern Maine in 1999.


Voice Dialogue, was initially developed in 1972, by Hal Stone, Ph.D. and Sidra Stone, Ph.D. as an exploration of relationships and the Psychology of Selves (also known as the Psychology of the Aware Ego). This technique is a tool to explore the multitude of inner characters in our consciousness, giving them a voice, and letting them speak in a facilitated and structured setting.


It has been successfully used by professionals in the fields of psychotherapy, counseling, personal coaching, business or organizational consulting and creative coaching.  I have found it to be an extraordinary tool for actors and performers as it enables them to tap into a specific Self –or Sub-Personality– for the development of a character. And it is so theatrical!


Join a group of professional actors who are motivated and serious about honoring their instrument, while diving into characters with organic truth.


Masterclasses are held in Paris, France twice a month, and individual sessions can be taken in Paris or anywhere in the world via skype.


Contact me for more information.

Masterclasses in Paris


  • December 2017 : Monday, 11th & Wednesday, 13th 
  • January 2018 : Monday, 15th & Wednesday 17th
  • February 2018 : Monday 12th & Wednesday 14th
  • March 2018 : Monday 12th & Wednesday 14th
  • April 2018 : Monday 9th & Wednesday 11th
  • May 2018: Monday 14th & Wednesday 16 th
  • June 2018 : Monday 11th & Wednesday 13th

Classes are from 2 pm to 6 pm, in French and in English


Salle Juliette Dodu, 6 rue Juliette Dodu, 75010 Paris

Advanced Registration required : phone or skype interview + resume 

Cost : 40€ per class or by punch cards : 175€ for 5 classes

300€ for 10 classes.

To register contact me

Voice Dialogue Acting in English Workshops

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Individual Sessions



Connect with the energetic essence of your character

Fine-tune to the sub-personality that fits your role

Infuse your work with energetic and organic truth especially for the camera

Clear the blocks in your way to crack a role

Develop your unique style or brand



Clear performance anxiety

Clear post-performance stress

Release past roles and find real closure after a show

Recover and keep true emotional balance

Find peace of mind, relaxation, centering and focus



Enhance your creativity and intuition

Increase your energy and life force

Intensify your stage presence

Heighten your perception and performance truth

Reclaim your personal power

Radiate and develop charisma


Sessions are 90 minutes and held at distance via skype or in person in Paris or Hendaye, France.


To register contact me

To organise a workshop in your area, contact me


Rates for artists :

First session 105€, next sessions 80€ each.

6 sessions package 465€