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(in English) by Emmanuelle Chaulet

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Going beyond where Michael Chekhov left off, this book presents acting as a mind, body and spirit practice and actors as emotional athletes, spiritual stuntmen and stuntwomen exposed to a constant roller coaster of emotions. Emmanuelle Chaulet, international film actress and artists coach, develops her own acting technique using discoveries from holistic and energy healing modalities and breaking new ground in the performing arts field. Answering an urgent —yet never addressed— need, this book offers invaluable tools to balance life and acting, heal post-performance stress disorder and performance anxiety. You’ll find cutting edge information about recovering your Highest Creative Self, the essence of your character, and true emotional balance.

Foreword is written by Lisa Dalton, co-founder National Michael Chekhov Association.


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A BALANCING ACT a holistic approach to acting

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Le Voice Dialogue Acting
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